Light It Up

There’s more than one way to light a pumpkin! Check out all the great options for your carved creations this Halloween.

You've carved your masterpiece of a pumpkin but what's the best way to show it off? It's all about the lighting! To give the traditional Jack-O-Lantern a stylishly stenciled celebrity or an intricate etching, you've gotta have good lighting, and there are plenty of great options out there. Good old-fashioned candles like these give you that really nice kind of flickery light. And what's great about candles is they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes so you can use them in just about any pumpkin. You've got a little softer shaped one and of course the votive candles like this. And then larger pillar candles if you're really gonna light up a nice big pumpkin. But if you want a little bit more light maybe you need to kinda be just a little bit brighter. You can use these liquid candles. What's great about these is you can actually pull the wick up so that you can have a larger flame. More flame is more light. So something like this is really gonna give you tons of light. But if you wanna go with a more battery powered, maybe a little bit safer of an option, there's lots of great stuff out there too. There are these little battery operated votives. You put the battery here in the back. And then when you turn it on they actually have that same sort of flicker light like a candle does. And this is actually pretty cool. It looks just like a strand of Christmas lights but it's actually battery powered so you don't have all those cords. You can turn it on like this. So pick your pumpkin and then pick the lighting that makes the most of it.