Gorgeous Greens

Add flavor to your holiday tabletop with these clever ideas to turn produce into pretty candleholders.

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Let gorgeous greens take center stage at your holiday table. These, of course, aren't to eat, but they sure do add a lot of flavor. You start out with a nice tall candle. I'm using a 3 x 9. You don't have to, but a pillar-sized candle is perfect to wrap the asparagus on. So you're gonna take a rubber band and just put it right around your candle like this. And then, you're just gonna start tucking your asparagus right under like that. You've already cut all of your asparagus to the same length. So you've cut them to be, you know, about the same size so that they'll fit on the candle really well. So I'm gonna tuck them under like that, and you're just gonna work your way around the candle, just kind of tucking like that and turning the candle so you cover every bit of the white part of the candle. So you kinda get the idea. You're just gonna keep filling it up with asparagus until you've got all of your candle covered. And I've got a smaller candle here that I'm gonna cover with the green beans. So you similar thing, you just put a rubber band around it like this, and then the green beans I've also cut to be about the same size, and I'm just gonna start tucking. Don't worry about whether or not the rubber band coordinates or looks pretty because I'm gonna cover it up with some ribbon, so it's not gonna look so bad once it's done. You're gonna keep tucking in your green beans like this just like I did with the asparagus until you got your candle totally covered. But, the artichoke is a little bit trickier. No big deal though. First, you wanna hack off the bottom of your artichoke so that it's able to stand nice and straight. And then, what you wanna do is kinda force out the leaves. You wanna be really careful with this because they've got these really sticky points to every leaf, so you wanna wear some gloves while you do this so you don't cut yourself. We are just gonna kinda force out the leaves like this until you get to the center. Once you get to the center, you're gonna wanna pull out as much of the center of the heart of the artichoke as you can because you need the space for the candle that you're gonna put inside. Okay, good. So now, I've got this little circular candle. If you don't have one of these, you could always use a votive candle or you could use a tapered candle and just put it in there, but I really thought this might look very cool. So you're just gonna stick it in there as far as you can. And there you've got your candleholder. So with the asparagus and the beans, here is a great tip. Once you've got them done and wrapped nice and tight, put it in the fridge overnight. So now, when I'm opening up my candle, all of my asparagus are nice and firm and pointy. So they're not droopy at all. And then to cover up my rubber band, I actually cut a length of wired ribbon, and I'm just gonna put it around to disguise my rubber banding technique here. Just make a little bow like this. And with the wired ribbon, you can always kind of style it so it looks great. And this is a really fresh twist on a vegetable platter.