Pinecone Chair Toppers

Put pinecones in a whole new place this fall…on your chairs! See how simple it is to add a little elegance to the table.

[time=0:00:] Bring the outdoors in with this pretty little pine cone project. It's super quick and easy, but it's little touches like this that make the holidays a lot more special. So, using a pine cone, a larger one, I just cut a piece of thick wire, you know, not so thick that it's hard to manage but thick enough that it's got some stability. Just cut a piece like that. And then, I ran it around my pine cone like this. And just kinda twisted it in the back, like so. So, I've got one that I made right here. Basically, super easy, just attach the wire to your pine cone. Then, to add some extra ornament to the pine cone, I found these really cool floral picks at my craft store. And then, I'm gonna use this on my pine cone. Just gonna attach it to the back. Using the same wire that I already cut, I'm just gonna kinda flatten it against the back of the pine cone, and then, twist it. And then, I'm gonna make this really cool and simple bow just by going back and forth. I'm gonna do it six times to make a nice ornate little bow. And then, to finish it off, I'm just gonna do a loop like this and just kinda hold it there with your fingers. So, you got three on one side, three on the other, and a little loop in the center. And then, using a thinner piece of wire, thinner than the black stuff I was just using, you're going to just tie it around the center of the bow like that. Flip it around the back. And then, you're gonna do a little twist, twist, twisting action. So, you got your pine cone with your berries. You got your bow. And then using the little wire that you had on the back of your bow, you're gonna actually attach it to the berries. So, I'm gonna just gonna take it and tie it around my berries like that. Okay. So, basically, you cut a length of it, and then, you're going to fold it back like this, and then, fold it back again like that. And then, this tail that hangs is going to actually drape over the chair like this. And then, you're gonna attach it like that, so it'll hang like this. So, I've got a chair right here to show you. I'm gonna flip that up to the top here, so you can easily work with it. I'm gonna take my wire. And just kinda twist it around like that on the back so that it hangs kinda like that. And again, I'm gonna flip it to the top so that it's easier to work with. So, once you've got your wire tied, you're just gonna snip off any excess wire, and just make sure you twist that in. Grab a pair of scissors, and you're gonna make your little V at the bottom of your ribbon. Fold it in half like that, like this. Now, who wouldn't love to sit in a chair that looks like this?