Floral Centerpiece

Make a pretty fall tabletopper using fresh flowers to mimic the shape of a pumpkin.

Dramatic and dimensional, this pumpkin is made entirely out of fresh flowers, and it'll add an unexpected flare to your tabletop. So to create your flower pumpkin, you need to start with some floral foam. So I've got 2 pieces here, and I'm gonna actually carve this into a pumpkin shape so when I stick my flowers in, it's a perfect pumpkin shape. So what you need is, you need a bowl like this, just any kind of bowl. And I'm just gonna press down on it like that, and just use a knife to kinda cut around it. Oh, you need to make sure that you're using a serrated knife because that'll cut through the foam nice and smoothly. And now I'm just gonna cut down. And these first cuts, you don't have to be too perfect because you're just gonna carve all these stuff off anyway. Start yourself with a circular shape. So we get that off. Got that. And now, I'm just gonna move my floral foam on to some newspaper because it's gonna make a little bit of a mess, and I wanna make sure I can just kinda ball up the newspaper and throw the mess away with my foam. So then, I'm just gonna kind of take this and sort of carve away to start to get my pumpkin shape. Makes a really neat sound. You're just basically gonna carve it like this to try to get as much of a pumpkin shape as possible. Then when you've got it carved, you're gonna use some rubber bands and you're just gonna rubber band it together. I've got 1 here that's already carved and rubber banded. And this, you're gonna make sure that you soak really, really well. So one of the tricks with floral foam to make sure that it's nice and well soaked is you just put it in water and rather than like pushing it down to the bottom, you're just gonna let it soak itself. Okay. So, it's all soaked up. Plenty of water in there. And now, what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take some flowers. I'm using marigolds. You could use mums. Then maybe you'd be making a mumkin perhaps! Well you're gonna take some scissors, and you're just gonna cut these down like this. I would cut it at an angle so you've got a nice sharp edge to stick into your foam and just start sticking it in there. I wouldn't cut them too short to start with. Just kinda keep them longer because you can always shorten it. Whereas if you cut it too short to begin with, you're kind of in trouble. So I'm just gonna start sticking them like that. And again, you just cut it at an angle and then stick it. Here's 1 that I've got completely covered with flowers. So for the finishing touch to give it a real pumpkin look, you can stick a stem of a pumpkin, maybe 1 you might have around the house that may have broken off, and you can just stick it right in there. And then here, I've got some leaves. And I'm just gonna kinda open up here and just stick in my hole and put my, and there you go! That is one fun, floral, and seasonal centerpiece.