Pumpkin Candleholders

Let tiny pumpkins light up your table this fall; just drill and fill with a candle.

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These pretty little pumpkins make a big statement at your holiday table. Smaller pumpkins like these are perfect for lots of tabletop projects. So today, I'm gonna use these cute little pumpkins to make candleholders. Super easy! So what you do is you start out with a bunch of these little guys and you're gonna get as many as you need per so that every guest basically has one in front of them. And you're gonna need a cordless electric drill like this with what's called a spade bit. Now, I chose a 3-1/4-inch bit because I'm using candles that have a 3-1/4-inch base. So you get the bit that matches your candle. And what you're gonna do is you're gonna hold on to your little pumpkin really firmly and you're just gonna start your bit. Okay! So I went through my pumpkin. And now, I'm just going to use the back of a spoon. You got a spoon like this? This is a perfect small cum pumpkin-scooping spoon. I'm just gonna scoop out all of the insides of my little pumpkin like that. I happen to have one that I've already pre-scooped. It's right over here and this one's nice and hollowed out so you can see there's a nice big hole in there, a 3-1/4-inch hole, which is perfect for our candles. But before I put my candles into my pumpkins, I'm gonna kinda jazz it up a little bit. This is super easy. I started out with this floral pick and I picked it out of the craft store because I liked the leaves and I like these little squiggly viney things. You're just gonna kinda cut the pieces that you wanna use. I'll cut that one. Now, maybe peel this leaf off. Maybe squish this down a little bit so it looks a little bit tighter. Like that! And then because these have wires, they're super easy to use. You're just kinda tuck it in to your pumpkin like that. You put them right next to one another and you can always reshape these once they're in. Then once those are in there, you can stick your candle right inside. Now, this candle to me looks a little bit too long. No big deal, you can always cut this down and you just a need a good strong serrated knife and I'm gonna cut off, let's say about an inch. Just gonna hold it really still and just use my knife and just go right through, like that. Perfect! So, now it'll fit right in there and the scale seems a little bit better. So I'm just gonna finish it off with a little double knot like this. So I'm gonna, just gonna tie one and then tie the other, and just kinda tuck it down there. And there we go! And you know what? This is gonna add the most adorable finishing touch to your table and seriously, it took less than 10 minutes.