Thanksgiving Napkins

Here are some terrific ideas for Holiday place settings and napkins that your guests will appreciate.

Great fall napkin ideas are always in fashion, and I've got 3 fabulous ideas for you today that I know that you'll truly appreciate. Hi, I'm Sandra Lee, and these are great ideas to adorn any tablescape that when you're guest sit down, they're gonna really think that you put a lot of creative touches and thoughtfulness behind your table top. Now, not only are these ideas easy, but these ideas can be use throughout the holiday season right up until the New Year. So, I wanna start off with the first one, which is a great idea and truly inspiring. First, there is just the gold charger down, and then your plates, dinner, salad, dessert. The napkin here is folded in a freeform way just like so. You don't have to be fancy at all here, but what I want you to notice is that, the napkin ring itself is a pretty piece of jewelry that your guest by the way can take home as a favor after your dinner party. Now, notice that the bracelet goes with the color of the napkin, and I've even taken a sweet little gold leaf that I got in the craft store to finish that off. It makes a beautiful, beautiful napkin setting. Now, for the second idea, this is a more ornate charger below than the dinner plate and salad plate, but notice the napkin, a shimmery sheen napkin, and then on here, a beautiful wire ribbon helps you create a gorgeous knot that looks professional every single time. Now, in here is also just a wonderful plastic berry collection from the craft store that finishes this off perfectly. Now, for my final place setting or napkin idea I should say, this looks as pretty as a package and that's exactly how it's tied. Notice how the napkin is tied below, nothing fancy behind, turn it upright like so, and then just put a pretty little white pumpkin on top of that, and you have a beautiful place setting. Notice how the pumpkin goes with the dinner plate and you can certainly have it an eclectic collection of colors for each of your place settings, if you don't have enough dishes to go around. From everyone here at, we wanna wish you a very happy, healthy, and festive holiday season. Bye-bye.