Shape Cookies

Spiral Shape Cookies

Spiral cookies are beautiful and their variations will set your imagination spinning. Here are tips on how to form them and ideas for making them your own.

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Cranberry orange spiraled cookies, how good did these look? I cannot wait to eat them. Hello! I'm Sandra Lee. These cookies may look difficult but can I tell you, they are as easy to make as they are beautiful. Today I'm gonna take my little food processor here and put just a couple things inside. I wanna start off with some cranberries and then some pecans will go in here, but you could certainly use walnuts if you like, and just a little bit of brown sugar. Now close this up and we're ready to go. It's just that fast. Now this is a great filling for your spiral cookies, but if you want something else, why don't you think about jellies and jams, maybe some dried fruits, apricots might be nice, little baby chocolate chips or nuts, maybe some walnuts, or how about some dried, chopped up cranberries. That will be delicious! But whatever you want, always start off with your favorite cookie dough as your base. Now, at, there are some great cookie recipes, but you can always use a packaged cookie dough which I've done here. Now I've added a little bit of flour and some orange zest to that, but you could certainly embellish it with maybe your favorite extract as well. Roll that out into a rectangular shape, and then your filling is gonna go right on top of this. Just wanna finish this off a little bit here, spread it around, and notice that underneath my cookie dough here is just some wax paper. This is gonna help you roll it into a perfect, pinwheel, spiral form. Take 1 side and go right into the center like this, and then use your wax paper as a tool, and all you do is just roll like this. Now, once you're done here, I want you to use the same wax paper, and you're gonna put this right into the refrigerator for 4 to 24 hours, so this is a great make-ahead cookie dough. Go ahead and just take the one that's been sitting in the refrigerator, roll it out, and I am going to put it on to a cutting board. Now cut in half just like that and you can see how perfect that spirals are. You're gonna cut these into quarter inch pieces. Then, all you're gonna do is put these on to a cookie sheet and bake them off for 8 to 10 minutes. That's it, and you have perfect cookies every single time. Now from everybody here at, we wanna wish you a happy, healthy, and a sweet holiday season. Take care!