Stained-Glass Cookies

Stained-glass cookies are simple to make yet have a definite "wow" effect on all who see them. Learn this easy technique to make your holiday cookies sparkle.

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One of the best things about the holiday season is baking and I've got a great and interesting, unique recipe for you. These are called stained glass cookies and they are super simple to make. Hi, I'm Sandra Lee and if you want a great, creative, and yummy recipe to serve this holiday season, how about stained glass cookies? Well, they are super simple to make. All you're gonna need is just some store-bought hard candies and your rolling pin. Now, put your candies in the bag and you're gonna take your rolling pin and you're just gonna smash these up. The important thing is that you crush these candies nice and fine. Now, you can get these candies in all sorts of beautiful colors, but let's talk about cookie dough. You can find great cookie dough recipes at or of course, buy a store-bought package product and add a little bit of flour, maybe some extracts, roll them out, and then take your favorite cookie cutters and make beautiful designs. Now, for the inside, you need to take smaller versions of really cute-shaped cookie cutters and punch out the center or around the sides of your cookie. Now, to get that cookie dough out of there, I just want you to take a toothpick and work it out, just like so. It's perfect every single time, but by the way, if your dough gets a little bit soft, pop it back into the refrigerator, let it harden up and your life will be so much easier. Now, adding your color. I don't want you to use too much candy, just a few little pieces from a variety of colors. Pop these into the center and these are gonna melt up right in your oven, in the baking process. The trick with this is, is that your candy needs to be 1 single layer and you need to bake this on aluminum foil, so when they're done, you can peel it right off and that pretty stained glasses, they are perfect every single time. And from everyone here at, we wanna wish you a very happy and a healthy holiday season! Ba-bye!