Cookie Wreath

A cookie wreath is beautiful and tasteful in more ways than one. It can serve double duty -- it's both a decorative touch and delicious cookies.

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Beautiful wreaths are certainly part of the holidays, and they are extra special when they are edible. This beautiful cookie wreath is so simple to make. I'm Sandra Lee, and if you can trace, you can make this wreath in just about 20 minutes. Now, what I've done here is taken one of my large dinner plate and a piece of parchment paper, and I've just traced around here with a pencil. Now, what you wanna do is turn over your parchment paper so that you don't have any lead being baked into your cookies, and let's talk about those cookies, by the way. At, you can find a great cookie recipe or buy a store-bought packaged cookie dough and embellish it with a little bit of flour to stiffen it up, and extract to add extra flavor. Now, what I want you to do is take your cookies and cut them out into different sizes of stars or you could use just about anything at all, maybe a heart during the Valentine season, but the trick here is to take your traced outline here and put the tip of that star right over that outline, and you're gonna go all the way around adding larger stars for your bottom base, and overlapping them a little bit so that they bake into one another. Now, on the top of this, I wanna add a medium size because you need to layer it, and also some smaller ones just to add some dimension. Now, you're gonna follow that same pattern all the way around, and look at what you get. It's beautiful. It's simple and it's nice and raised. Now, this is gonna bake off in about 20 minutes and you are going to get a beautiful wreath, just like this. Now, to embellish it just a little bit more, I like to use powdered sugar. Oh, by the way, if you're using maybe a chocolate cookie dough, you could use cocoa powder. Take a spoon and just put a little bit into a sieve, and then all I want you to do is just dust the top of your wreath just like that, and it's gonna look like freshly fallen snow. Now, to decorate this just a little bit more. Why don't you think adding maybe a festive ribbon? Put it on a gorgeous platter and display it on your table. This can be made in no time. Now, from everyone here at, we wanna wish you a very happy, healthy, and a sweet holiday.