Cherry Shortbread

Chocolate Cherry Shortbread

Try this delicious chocolate and cherry combination. Color, shape, and flavor come together seamlessly in white chocolate cherry shortbread to say "festive celebration!"

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Beautiful and delicious! That's how you would describe these white chocolate cherry shortbread cookies. Aren't they yummy-looking? Well, they are so simple to make. I cannot wait to show you. I'm Sandra Lee and I've got a great tip for you this holiday season. Now, the recipe I'm gonna show you is available on, and it's a shortbread recipe for cookies. To that basic shortbread recipe, I have added something extra special, and that is wonderful maraschino cherries. Now, I've chopped them up, put them in the shortbread cookie dough, and you know what else? I've put a little bit of red food coloring in there to make it nice and pretty pink, and I stirred it through, but I didn't stir it through all the way because I wanted a wonderful marble effect, which I'm gonna show you in just a second. But first, all you're gonna do is come in here and make little balls with your cookie dough, just like so. And then I want you to roll that into granulated sugar, nice and fine. Just make sure you cover them completely and pop those on to your baking sheet. Now, I've got a great tip for you to flatten these out into beautiful cookies. What I want you to do is just use a water glass, the bottom of the water glass, and I want you to dip this right into the sugar, just like that, so it's completely covered. Then, come in here, press it down on the cookie and you have the perfect sized and shaped cookie every single time. Now, these are gonna go right into the oven, but look, I've already baked some off. These are absolute perfection! Now, I have one more great tip for you and that is for decorating. All I've done is take in some white chocolate chips and a little bit of shortening and melted those. Then, I'm gonna take my cookie and I'm gonna dip it into the chocolate chips, just like this. Shake off the excess chocolate, so it's nice and thin. And then, I want you to roll that into just some sprinkles, like so, and you'll have a beautiful decorated cookie every single time. Now, for more of these great tips on, I want you to check right back here with me every single day. And from everyone here, we wanna wish you a very happy and healthy holiday season!