Brie Variation

Baked Brie Variation

Topping warm baked brie with a cranberry-onion chutney and a dusting of pistachios is easy and scrumptious. See how easy it is to make this special holiday treat.

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Baked Brie is always a popular thing to serve around the holiday season, and I've got a baked Brie with a new twist. It's my caramelized onion cranberry chutney, and it's super simple and super delicious. I'm gonna begin with the chutney. Now, let's start by caramelizing onions and a little bit of butter just like this. Now, to this, I wanna add a bit of water and then some grated orange peel. To that, a bit of pepper jelly, a bit of sugar, and some fresh whole cranberries. Stir this all together and let all those flavors meld into one. Now, let this all simmer together for about 10 to 15 minutes until your cranberries start to pop, and then, it will be ready for the baked Brie. A beautiful and delicious chutney, easy to make. Now, for the Brie, I've had this wheel of Brie in the oven for about 20 minutes so the inside is nice and soft and gooey, and it's ready for my chutney. So, just pour this over the top, right like so, and let it drizzle down the plate, and you're gonna add your favorite crackers or toast points to this, and for our finishing touch on the top, just some pistachios, but you could use any nuts that you like. I'm Sandra Lee, and from everybody here at, we wanna wish you a very happy and healthy holiday.