Ball Variation

Cheese Ball Variation

Take the classic cheese ball to the next level by trying this great spicy taco variation. It's sure to become a holiday favorite.

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Hi, I'm Sandra Lee and I've got a great recipe for you today. If you are a fan of cheese balls, this is where you wanna be. This is spicy and wonderful, and it starts off with just some softened cream cheese and a softened stick of butter. You wanna put that into a bowl. To this, I want you to add just a little bit of Worcestershire and milk, which is exactly what I have in this little ramekin here. And then, I've chopped up some jalapeño nice and fine to go into my cheese ball, and then the last thing is just some shredded cheese. It goes right in here. Now, I want you to take a hand mixer and blend this all together. Once this is completely blended together, just take out your beaters and I want you tap them on the side of the bowl, and then to this, I want you to add some chopped green onion. Now, stir this all together and get it right into the center of this bowl. This is gonna go into the refrigerator from 4 to 24 hours. So this is a great idea to make a head for a party evening. Now, once you've had it in the refrigerator, you're gonna have a nice little bowl like this already made. What I want you to do is just chop up, in a plastic baggy, some wonderful tortilla chips. By the way, you can find this great recipe at You're gonna pour your chopped up tortilla chips onto a piece of wax paper. Spread it around and then, you're gonna come in here, take your cheese ball and put it right onto the tortilla chips. Form this into a ball. Make sure you coat it thoroughly with your tortilla chips and then place it onto a platter, maybe garnish with a little bit of fresh dill and certainly your favorite crackers, and additional whole tortilla chips. Now, this is a great recipe whether you're having a party or if you're doing maybe fiesta in the summertime, keep this one around. Now, from everyone here at, we wanna wish you a very happy and healthy holiday season.