Pesto Shrimp Appetizers

Tomato Pesto Shrimp Appetizers

Try this dazzling, yet easy, twist on shrimp with tomato cocktail sauce. It's fresh and colorful.

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Elegant and sophisticated is how I would describe this wonderful tomato pesto shrimp appetizer and it's super simple to make. I'm Sandra Lee. And if you're ever searching for a great idea when you're entertaining or an embellishment to a fantastic salad, this is it. And it starts with things right from the grocery store. It is very semi-homemade. This is just tomato pesto from the grocery store. There are all sorts of flavors in your grocery stores right in these jars that are pre-made and taste like they're homemade. I'm also going to use just store-bought precooked shrimp like you would with a shrimp appetizer and some wonderful fresh basil leaves. Now, just snip one of the basil leaves off and put it on to your plate like this. That is going to be the cradle for your piece of shrimp. On top of that, I just want you to scoop a little bit of this tomato pesto right there. And then for an extra special touch, I put some sour cream into a piping bag and there is a star tip right here, which is gonna give it a great professional flare. Just like that. And all your guests will think you had your party professionally catered. From everyone here at, we wanna wish you a very happy and healthy holiday season.