Champagne Punches

Sparkling and colorful, champagne and fruit drinks bring a flavorful touch to every festive holiday gathering.

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Champagne cocktails are all the rage during the holiday season, and they are super simple to put together as well as being delicious and a dramatic effect when you are entertaining. Look at this spread. I've got a Mistletoe Kiss here in my green, a beautiful Cranberry Tree, a Tropical Tinsel with that great pineapple, a Holiday Raspberry, and a Merry Mango. I'm Sandra Lee, and champagne cocktails are the way to go when you're entertaining. Not only can you stretch a buck, also you get great, great flavors, if you know how to use the juices in your grocery store. Now, in the canned juice aisle, you'll gonna find great flavors like pear and mango, all sorts of fantastic stuff in addition to maybe your ordinary orange juice and pineapple juice. And then, in the flavored syrup section, check out all those great flavors like raspberry and blueberry. All of those are delicious, and all you need is 50% juice to 50% champagne for a fantastic tasting cocktail. Now, the champagne you use is very important, too. I want you to know that you don't have to use expensive champagne. You can use things like Korbel or even Totts because the lower end champagne will not fight with the flavor of your juice. You don't wanna do that. So, don't waste your money on expensive champagne or sparkling wine. Now, garnishing is the way to go. If you wanna put an extra panache and attention to detail in your cocktails, look at what I've done here. This [time=0:01:30 fantastic Mistletoe Kiss is just a sprig of mint with a pretty holiday ornament in green. This is really fantastic looking and my Cranberry Tree, this cranberry's fresh right on a little skewer, and you can cut those if you only have long ones to get the length you need for your glasses. This is beautiful Tropical Tinsel, is just pineapple and champagne, but look at this gorgeous little round of pineapple. All you have to do is buy those little baby pineapples, cut `em up, and they are great garnishes, just like this. Then, there's a Holiday Raspberry. What I love about those syrups is they create 2 levels of a dramatic cocktail. Look at this, the syrup floats to the bottom much like grenadine, and then the top of the champagne floating with a bunch of raspberries. You can buy those frozen year `round. This is fantastic, and frozen raspberries and blueberries, by the way are a great way to keep your drinks nice and cool. Then last but not least is the Merry Mango. This is certainly one of the most refreshing cocktails I have ever had, and a very simple garnish of fresh mango is perfection. We wanna wish you a very happy, healthy, and fun holiday season. Have a good time entertaining.