, Wafers!

Wow, Wafers!

Use 3 easy ideas to turn up the wow factor on store-bought chocolate wafers.

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No one will ever know that these beautiful cookies started out as plain old store-bought cookies. So 1st step, how about a dip in some nice, warm candy coating? So I'm gonna take my cookie and stick it on a spatula like that. And then I've got some candy coating here that's melted, and I'm just gonna spoon it over here on top of my cookie. For candy coating, I'm actually using some melted almond bar, basically kinda like a white chocolate. And I'm just gonna spread it over my cookie like that. So I've flavored my candy coating with a couple of drops of peppermint oil just to give it a nice minty flavor. And then I'm just gonna take it off with a knife and just set it up on my, there we go. I'll just set it out on my board here. And to top it off, I've got some crushed-up peppermint here that I'm just gonna sprinkle on the top of my cookie while the candy-coating is still wet so it really sticks on there. So that's cookie number 1. How delicious does that look? Now, for cookie number 2, I'm actually gonna take 2 chocolate cookies and make a little sammy like this, a little sandwich. For that, I'm gonna use just regular store-bought frosting, just vanilla frosting. And I've sliced up some maraschino cherries like this. I'm just gonna stick my cherries into my frosting and just mix it up. And I love this because the little cherries peeking out give it such a nice fun and festive holiday look. Okay, that seems pretty good. So now I'm gonna take a little knifeful, a dollop of this, and just smooth it on to my cookie like that. And you wanna put a nice, healthy quantity on there. You don't wanna skimp on the frosting. It's most people's favorite part. And then I'm gonna put my other cookie on there like that. And just kinda squeeze it so the frosting kinda spills through. And there we go, cookie number 2. So now for cookie number 3, I'm just gonna take a nice piping bag filled with some royal icing, some white stuff. And I'm gonna make sure that there's plenty of pressure on it like that. Just twist it so that the icing is all pushed to the end. And I actually keep it in a nice wet paper towel so that the nib never dries up. Okay. See that looks about ready to go, just clean off the tip and I'll do kind of a little, hmm, let's see. Yeah, I'll do like a little design like this. You can just really have fun with it. Just kinda design it however you want. So then, put on a little bit of edible glitter like that and that'll stick right to the royal icing and make it look like a snowflake. And have fun with it because you know what, no 2 snowflakes are alike. So skip the baking and spend time on the fun stuff for a fabulous assortment of cookies.