Pistachio Leaves

Pretty Pistachio Leaves

Creamy chocolate, crunchy pistachios, and buttery store-bought cookies combine for a speedy, yet special, treat.

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Turn purchased cookies into something special like these pretty pistachio leaves. There are lots of different chip cookies out there, especially during the holidays. And for this project, I chose this great little leaf shape. These are your little butter cookies. Now, what you wanna do is, while you're shopping around for cookies, look at the different shapes and see, you know, maybe what it inspires in you. Get creative. So for these, I am going to actually top them with a little white chocolate 'cause I thought white chocolate and butter cookie, it can't get much better than that, right? So I'm just gonna get a spreader and just spread some white chocolate right down in the middle. And you wanna try not to get it along the edges 'cause you wanna sort of preserve that leaf shape. And then, you're just gonna take some pistachios and just sprinkle it on right there, like that. Put it right down in the middle like that, just enough for the pistachios to have something to kind of grab on to. It's pretty good. So don't stress about having to make everything from scratch when you can come up with clever little options like this.