Sandwich Cookies

Sugared Sandwich Cookies

A hint of red jam and a powdered sugar transform turn store-bought cookies into a cheery holiday treat.

Thu, 5 Aug 2010|

A dusting of sugary snow creates the finishing touch to these pretty no-bake sandwich cookies. This is a great last minute idea for a hospice gift or if you're doing a cookie exchange, and it's so super easy. There's tons of these little cookies you can buy at the store. They can come in all sorts of different shapes. I pick this one 'cause I really like the little scalloped edge. So, you just take 2 cookies. And then, I've got 2 different jams here. I've got a raspberry jam, and I've got an apricot one. And I'm just gonna take a spoonful of the raspberry jam and just stick it right in between my cookies like that, just kinda spread it out. I love the raspberry because the color is like so festive and holiday when it kinda squeezes out between the 2 cookies. So I'm just gonna spread it like that. Then take my second cookie and just make a little sandwich like that. Isn't that cute? So I'm just gonna put that down there; and maybe the next one, I'll make a little apricot one. And now, put my other cookie on there. Then just kinda squeeze it so it's sort of looses around the sides. That's good. Maybe 1 more raspberry. That's pretty good. And then just put my cookie on there. And now, here is the real secret to these cookies. I've got these cute little stickers that I actually got at the scrapbooking isle of my craft store, and I'm just gonna kinda set these right on top my cookies like that, sort of center them. So now, put the snowman there, maybe a little candy cane, of course, the Christmas tree. And then, I'm going to let it snow on my cookies. So, I've got some powdered sugar here. I'm just gonna put some in a sifter. And I'm just gonna tap, tap, tap. Look at that. Oh! It's so cute and festive. I love that. So, the more snow you put on your cookies, the more contrast you're gonna see once you lift your stickers up. See, make sure you get even covered. And it's nice to tuck all your cookies together like this, so you don't get so much kind of waste along the sides. That doesn't take any time at all. And you know what? The results couldn't be sweeter. So go out and make a bunch for yourself and make one for a friend.