Petite Packages

It’s the perfect present -- a purchased cookie that you turn into a pretty little package.

Give yourself the gift of time with these adorable little petite packages that are made from store-bought cookies. It's such a simple idea, but it will look like you've spent a ton of time on it. So, you wanna start out with some square little cookies like this. You can pick these up at any grocery store, and while you're at the grocery store, pick up some of this, chocolate hazelnut spread. It's delicious. I'm telling you, you won't regret it. So, what I'm gonna do is just take a cookie and spread some chocolate hazelnut spread on it, and you can spread a little or a lot. I love this stuff, so I'm gonna kinda double stuff it. And then, I'm gonna take another cookie and just sandwich it like that to make little sandwiches. So, you can either leave these like this, or you can kinda take them to the next level. And I'll show what to do with them. And then, stick another cookie on top. Here we go. So, once you've got your little sandwiches made, you're gonna get out some icing, and a nice little piping bag. And I've got it in a little wet napkin just to make sure my nip stays nice and clean. So, I'm always ready to frost. And I'm gonna pick up my sandwiches and just make little lines along the sides like this. Okay. And now, once I've got my little ribbons on the side, now, I need to do the ribbon that goes along the front. So, to do that, I'm just going to make a little X. Now, that I've got my ribbon across the front of the package, no package is complete without a nice little bow. And here's a simple easy way to make one. It's gonna start out in the center, go along the side, 2 little triangles, and then the end of the bow, and then the other side along the back. Now, that's a present anyone would wanna get. It's fast and fun and one sweet little treat.