Minty Trees

What a 'sweet' idea! Get creative and glue up a forest of Christmas candy trees. Choose a trio of craft foam shapes and glue on a variety of mints in red or green. Then, top off your creations with tiny bow toppers.

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A trio of traditional candy trees is always a treat around the holiday season. Hi! I'm Sandra Lee, and there is a great idea that you can do with store-bought candy in your own home in just a matter of minutes whether you want a focal piece on your mantle on a table or a gorgeous windowsill display. Now, these are super simple to make and they're gonna sit on a base that might surprise you. But first, let's talk about supplies. When you're in your grocery store, pick up some extra candies. Maybe some peppermint, some miniature candy canes, and possibly some red hots would be fun. Using the color combination of just red and white gives you a nice, wonderful, rich effect. And when you put it together, you wanna also stack your levels. So, when you pick up your foam cones at the craft store, do 3 different sizes. Or when you put them on your bases, you'll want 3 different sizes of bases. Now this is just a foam cone, and I'm starting with my peppermint candies down below. Just put the 1st row on here, and you're gonna hot glue these on with just a normal glue gun. When you get to the end, you may find that an entire peppermint may not fit in there. So cut your peppermint in half and glue that on. No one will notice and it will be perfect every time. Then you wanna do your 2nd row and your 3rd row and go along as you need. If your candy breaks or if you get 1 out of the package that's broken, it is not a problem. Just use it where you need, and that's all you do. All the way around the tree. Now, let's talk about using red hots. This tree is done in all red hots. You could 1st if you wanted to paint the foam red and then put on your red hots. Just make sure that the paint dries completely before you apply your hot glue. And for a wonderful tree-type effect that looks like it's dripping with candy canes, that is. You can see how simple it is. You could just line up your candy canes and hot glue them on. This may take you a little extra time, but the finish is going to be fabulous. Now on the top of these, I want you to notice how I finish these off. These just have 2 peppermints, 1 stacked on top of the other one, and then they will face up just like this for the finish. Red hots go all the way around and then of course, these are turned just like this with a bow on the top. So these terrific treats you can make in absolutely no time at all. But for the final touch, how do you display them? A couple of different ways, but what I like the most is to just use candlestick holders. They already have the nice little sharp edge there. That will hold the foams securely just like it would a candle so you don't have to worry about these getting knocked over. And remember, if you wanted to, you could even use crystals or different height candlesticks. From everybody here at, we hope you have a very happy and healthy merry holiday season.