Candle Display

Easy Candle Display

A dazzling centerpiece is a snap with some simple supplies. A tray, candlesticks, candles, and a few ornaments are all you'll need to assemble this pretty arrangement.

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If you're looking for a creative and beautiful way to display your holiday candle this year, try a creative candle collage. They are easy, simple, and elegant. Hi, I'm Sandra Lee and this is a great idea if you love candles like I do. Now, this beautiful candle collage is easy, easy with just candle holders in glass or crystals with just some small holiday balls on a beautiful gold plate. Now, if you wanna create something like this at home, they don't all have to be the same size; however, you can use something like may be a plastic charger from the craft store, maybe pick up some gold candlesticks like these. Now, you may want to pick up things that are different sizes and heights, but if you can't find those, I wanna show you a great way to improvise. Getting all your candles in the same height is very easy when you're looking for taper candles. However, what happens if you have the same height of candlesticks and you'd still want that layered effect? Well, instead of going like this, why don't you take the third candle and cut a little bit off the bottom, and then you will still get that second height. Then, for your third candle, right down there, you have a beautiful, beautiful layered height effect. Now for this, I'm gonna use gold and maroon colored balls in both shiny and matte colors to finish this off, [time=0:01:30 and then light it up, and you have a beautiful creative candle collage in what? A matter of minutes. This is a great idea to display on your tabletop all through the holidays. From everyone here at, we wanna wish you a very happy, healthy, and wonderful holiday season.