Radiant Runner

Light up your holidays with this bright idea for a tablerunner. You won't believe how pretty this looks -- and how easy it is to make!

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Hi, I'm Sandra Lee, and everybody knows that I love a good tablescape, but coming up with those ideas time and time again is a little bit challenging, but this one is something that I think that you will love and I am very excited to share it with you. Now, the first thing I want you to do is go to the fabric store and buy a great fabric or find the tablecloth of your choice. I love this one, because it's gonna match the plates that I'm gonna show you in just a minute. Now, we all have many, many Christmas lights, I'm sure stuffed in the garage. I want you to take those out. These are done in white or I've gotten in white, because they're gonna go with the shearing fabric I've put over them. Now, I've taken 1 strand of holiday lights, and I folded it up, down, and back again. So this is gonna give me a nice, dense light effect. Go from one side of the table, all the way to the other and leave your little plug-in hang off the sides. You can even tuck that underneath the fabric if you like or tape it down. Just don't mess up your tablecloth. Okay. Now, let's talk about what goes over this. This beautiful shearing fabric with gold dots goes perfectly with my table covering. And this is going to be a fantastic runner. Here's what I want you to do. Take your fabric and bunch it up, and we're gonna create a beautiful bed for these lights. Just fold it over the top and go right underneath. Now, I want you to leave the fabric a little bit flouncy on the top, so that it has a nice flow and a bit of fluidity to it and all the way down the ends. Now, for the unfinished edge, I just want you to tuck that right underneath and no one will even see it. Now, let's talk about our plate setting. Remember I said that I got this fabric to match my plates? Look at these gorgeous little plates for the holiday season. These are fantastic, and they didn't cost a fortune, but they look like they do. With a nice little napkin ring, by the way, you could use bracelets if you want. It's a great favor and napkin ring in one, and then my little sugar and my creamer go here, my glass, maybe with a pair or a nice little toque might be nice here, too. And the place card setting right here. Now, for a little bit of an extra touch, I've decided to put just a nice little gold leaf next to everybody's plates to add sparkle. So this is all about a low table but watch this. Go ahead and plug in your lights, and you are gonna illuminate that table in such a beautiful way. Everybody's gonna think that you're the hostess with the mostest. From everybody here at, we wish you a very happy and healthy holiday season. Enjoy yourself.