Napkin Ideas

Holiday Napkin Ideas

Make your holiday dinnertable more special with pretty placesettings. Here are some terrific ideas that are really easy and different.

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An inviting tablescape starts off with the perfect place setting. And I have some great options and ideas for you today. Hi, I'm Sandra Lee, and I've got some great ideas for your tabletop this holiday season. Now, you know those dishes that you already have in the cupboard that you use, I don't know, everyday, or at least when a company comes over. Well, most of the time they don't have the motif of a special holiday, right? So, how do you use things to create that gorgeous holiday theme? Well, here is a perfect idea. Now, here are just regular plates that you might use year-round, but to make it look holiday, look at this gorgeous fabric that I bought. This is gonna be for the tablecloth, and then of course, I've got a pretty little Santa here and just nice little ribbon wraps, a gold napkin just like this, with a holiday ornament. This looks like it was created especially for the holiday which is what you want, but you didn't have to spend a lot of extra money on new plates. Let's talk about if you already have red in your kitchen, what's traditional and fabulous that you can doll up for next to nothing? Well, red plates are fantastic, and then of course if you buy a little of salad plates, it comes in sets of 4, very inexpensive. You can give a pretty little accent to your plate and then maybe a solid napkin with an ornament on top of that. This doesn't have to be green. It can be white. It can be cream. It will be perfect, no matter what you choose. And then 3 three little holiday balls right there, perfection. Now, my final place setting is using a gorgeous ornate charger which also can act as a dinner platter, and then a pretty little decorative plate for the salad. These are very special in the creamware family. And then of course, I went and I got these nice, little kitchen towels. Now, that might seem a little bit low-end for this tabletop, but can I tell you, they are a favorite when you wanna clean-up after a nice, yummy holiday meal. And for the finishing touch, just hide this with a little bit of fresh or artificial evergreen, and you'll have a fantastic holiday place setting in no time. Now, I have one other great idea for you. No matter what you have for your coffee or tea-service, you can doll it up with a just a simple holiday ornament. And by the way this is a great place for your place cards. Three great ideas, I hope you enjoy them all. And from everyone here at, we wish you a very happy and a healthy holiday season.