Vase & Tray

Easy Vase & Tray

It's easy to put together a dazzling tablescape if you know what to pull together. Watch this quick technique for creating a centerpiece out of what you probably already have on hand.

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An easy vase and tray centerpiece is something that you can do so simply with things around your very own home. Hi, I'm Sandra Lee and this is a gorgeous thing to put on any table top, whether it's a dining room table, an end table, or a coffee table, even a mantel; this would be gorgeous. Now, it's super simple to put together. Let me talk to you first of all about these great glasses. All they are are 3 just fluted champagne or cocktail glasses. In the bottoms are red hot for a nice red color and then just votive candles popped inside here are perfection. I want you to also notice that all of this is one beautiful color palate. Next to my glasses is an accent vase. These vases are probably right underneath your sink right now and you can use them. Put them right next to this great height on this, and they're all filled up with different sizes and finishes on those holiday balls; nice, and bright, and sparkly. But let's talk about the finishing touch. It's gonna make this whole thing light up. I want you to get either a mirror tray or silver tray. Something that's gonna be nice and reflective. On here, just put a little piece of holiday greenery, like this, and then maybe a pine cone, and then what I want you to do is think in 3's. I've got 3 nice shiny silver stars, 3 candles next to my stars, and 3 holiday balls; 2 I'm gonna put together and then 1 right over here. Now, set this tray right in front of the other 2 and watch this. Light your candles. A quick light to the 3 tea candles that are already inside my glasses, and then come down here and you can see why I want to use a reflective surface. This is going to illuminate and bounce beautiful, romantic, holiday light all over your room. From everyone here at, we wanna wish you a very happy, healthy, and wonderful holiday season.