Cone Display

Pine Cone Display

Bring a bit of the outdoors in, with this pretty pine cone display. Watch two different versions of this simple centerpiece idea, and then choose your favorite.

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This beautiful, beautiful holiday display is made with something very, very simple; those great glass bell-domes that you can get in any craft store. Hi, I'm Sandra Lee and this is a fantastic and traditional-look for any table or even countertop and super simple to make. These glass bell-domes are something you can get right in your own craft store for little money. Now, think about maybe taking a cake pedestal or even a decorative plate and using that as you're base. Now, here's how you're gonna load up your dome. Just simply take some great festive holiday ornaments in multi-colors. I want to do something that was a little bit more in the sugarplum colors or this one and I'm gonna fill this up. Different shapes, sizes, and finishes of your holiday ornaments are very important to get the puff that you want this season. And just a couple of little small ones, that when I try this upside down and we have something that will kind of fill in any of the blank spaces when you turn this over. Now, speaking about turning this over, you maybe thinking, how is she going to do that? Well, I'm gonna do it just like I would a cake. Take your plate up, put it onto the base of your dome and then you're gonna turn it carefully over, just like this. Now, take this down a little bit, so that everything falls into place and you're gonna have it absolutely a beautiful display on your table in no time. And wanna you know what, you could decorate the outside of this with additional holiday balls if you wanted to or maybe even some holiday greenery and some soaked flowers, like I've done on this more traditional one. Whatever you choose, it will absolutely be gorgeous. Everybody here at wishes you a very happy and healthy holiday season. Have fun.