Candy Trees

For a fast holiday decoration, try this easy idea. Pin little wrapped candies -- peppermints or other sweets -- onto a craft foam shape for a treat the kids will love.

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This fun candy tree makes a great gift, or by the way, can be right on the entry of your home, for guests, as they leave who want a quick treat. Hi, I'm Sandra Lee, and I've got a great idea that is super simple, and if you've got kids in the house, this is a fabulous project for them. All you wanna do is just start off with a foam cone from the craft store; 6-inch, 10-inch, or maybe even something a little bit taller like a 12-inch would be nice. You could certainly do all 3 of them. But the trick with this is, is the multicolor. We're gonna use Life Savers, but certainly, you could use any candies at all. And what you wanna do is layer them, much like you would shingle a house. We're gonna layer them onto the cone, and we're gonna secure them with little T-pins. Now, I like to use the T-pins because they have this nice base here, so it's easy to pull out your candy, and then have a little dish next to your tree. So, as your guess takes the candy, they have a safe place to put those pins. All you're gonna do is layer your candy onto to your tree until it's nice and full. Now, think about it, you could use any wrapped candy, so you know those great chocolates, those little tiny 3 musketeer packages. Those will be gorgeous. They are silver and red; phenomenally beautiful. But let's talk about how do we finish our little trees off? See this beautiful ribbon here with a spiral effect, very easy to do. This ribbon right here has all the wire in it you'll need, and all that I did here was take a pencil and look at this. You just simply wrap this around the pencil right like that. Now, what I like to do is my beautiful spirals. First, I do them separately, look at that. It's perfect. Every single time, give that a little snip, right here. So, you'll do that first, pin this to the top, and then you can work on the rest of it. These take beautiful shape and form. And by the way, these are fantastic gifts for the holiday season, maybe for the kids to take to school for their teacher or for you to the office. Whatever it is, think about creative ideas this holiday season that are not only functional but also edible. From everyone here at, we wanna wish you a very happy, healthy, and fun holiday season.