Create a candy centerpiece that will make the holidays even sweeter. Gather three clear vases or bowls and fill with grocery store candy. It's easy, fast, and edible!

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The holiday season is not complete without a festive candyland display. Not only are these beautiful, but they act as a great gift as well. Hi, I'm Sandra Lee and this is something that you can easily do at home that everyone will appreciate whether they're grabbing candy on the go or you're giving it as a gift, wrapped in cellophane. This is something simple, inexpensive, and dramatic. Now, all you need to do is just start off with a glass vase or container, or even a pretty food glass jar left over after you've cooked something, maybe in a great shape. Alright, the first thing I wanna do is just take some Red Hots, but you could use peppermints. You could use anything that you'd like at all, just make sure that the color matches. One bag in and then a second one. What I wanna do here is create a nice base for my long peppermint sticks. Now, take your peppermint sticks, just like this, and put them in a nice, little, round, like so. I guess I have, what, maybe 10, 11 here. Put it into the center of your Red Hots and work it down, so it's nice and secure. You can add more if you'd like or less and you could certainly do this in green or any other color that you like. Now, I wanna fill these all the way up to the top. That's good. And then, I'm gonna accent this with a beautiful ribbon. I wanted to work those up because I wanted to make sure that the peppermints came out just a little bit and that the ribbon was right in the middle of these Red Hots in my jar. Take this and just tie a pretty little bow, starting with a knot first to secure it. You don't even need wire ribbon for this, but sending cute messages like Ho! Ho! Ho! is the perfect little attention to detail that everybody will love about your wonderful food gifts. And there you have it! Pretty and edible, and something you can do with things already around your own home. From everyone here at, we'd like to wish you a very happy, healthy holiday season! Enjoy yourself.