Tiered Tray 

Mix and match holiday ornaments to create a classic centerpiece. See one version using seasonal favorites silver and gold, or try something new to match your decor -- red and black or retro brights.

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A fabulous tiered holiday tray is all the rave. This is the hottest thing this holiday season and it is super simple to put this together. Hi, I'm Sandra Lee, and I've got a great idea for you. If you like this beautiful look, it's almost like a party on a tray, and certainly it's made for a party or a fabulous focal piece this holiday season. They are easy to put together. Now, you can buy a two-tiered tray like this or you can put 2 cake pedestals together, tiered-cake pedestals. Get the same of that but it's all about how you put your ornaments together. Now, if you don't have cake pedestals or a double-tiered tray, here's what you gonna do. Take one of your favorite plates, dinner plate size, then place a candlestick right in the center. Now, I like to use these decorative garlands. They already have great shapes and great colors, and everything is kind of monochromatic. It really helps the top. Place that around. They're also less expensive, by the way. Place it around like so, as the base of the plate. Now to this, I just wanna add a couple holiday balls to really make this sing in all different sizes and finishes, and one more big one right here, I think. Now, what you're gonna do for the second layer is, take some sticky wax, and this is what it looks like; you can get it at any craft or hardware store. Just open this up and what you're gonna do is put sticky wax over the top of the candlestick. Super simple, and then take your bread plate or salad plate. Put that right on top of this. Center it, and push it down to secure it. Now for the top, I want to take another one of these wonderful garlands. Fold it up. Place it right here so it matches and then I save my nice pick ornament for the top. I have a few little balls left over. I'm gonna place those on the bottom down here, just to fill it all in and make it look really festive. What I like about this, is it will take you right from the holiday season through to the New Year, and this one, think about this for just a second. Great for the holidays, but what if you had maybe card night at your house. This would be a fantastic centerpiece year round. We hope you have fun this holiday season and from everyone here at, we wish you a happy, healthy, and a fun holiday. Bye, bye.