Gilded Ornaments

Quick Gilded Ornaments

Watch how easy it is to 'glam up' even plain balls with easy stars, swirls, and dots. The supplies are just ordinary ornaments and metallic paint pens but the results can be extraordinary.

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Quick gilded holiday ornaments are something that you can do at home with maybe a product that you've never seen before, but it is available everywhere. Hi! I'm Sandra Lee, and I've got a great project for you, if you like to create gifts or ornaments all by yourself in a matter of minutes. Now, all I did was I went to the store, and I bought some great holiday ornaments in all sorts of different colors, whether it's traditional red or gold or some blues and greens. It is fantastic! What these are, are metallic paint pens, and they're available in your craft stores, school supply shops. These are fantastic! You wanna give them a good shake. These are paint, and then, pop the top off and see how that tip is nice and yellow. Well, watch this! It's just like magic. You need to pump them to bring the paint down, and look at that fill in. Pretty cool, don't you think? Now, watch what it does to an ornament, whether you wanna put someone's name on here or just decorate. You can easily do that in a matter of minutes. And so, this is what I'm gonna use for a place card setting, but if you wanna create decorative things like maybe stars or beautiful little shapes and designs, you can do that as well. Maybe put them right back into the container and give the whole set of 4 away as a gift. That's great for grandma. If you've got the kids at home, this is something that they can really enjoy doing after school. From everyone here at, we wanna wish you a very happy, and healthy, fun holiday season.