Box Arrangement

Gift Box Arrangement

How do you turn pink, lime, green, black, and white into holiday decor? Decorate a box with tiny packages in pretty colors.

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Modern and fun. This beautiful gift box is something that you can use for a focal piece that's also functional. I'm Sandra Lee and I've got a great idea. If you love papers like scrapbooking, ornaments, and the holiday season, this is the project for you. But what's great about it is use your imagination because you can use this idea year round no matter what the holiday or special occasion. This is fantastic. Now, you just gonna need to find things either around your house or things that you like in the craft store that are inexpensive. Now this little box is something that was originally sold to put pretty little makeup and hair pins in, but on the bottom of this box, look at this. Holiday ornaments glued down and into place act like little foot pedestals with a little bit of hot glue and small little ornaments. Just like that. Then you can turn `em right side up and where this used to say hair pins or makeup, use one of those pretty little sticker decals after you paint, which is white paint. By the way, you could use that Wite-Out for paper to erase those words, let it dry, and then put your own sticker on here, maybe Christmas, maybe even happy birthday. Now inside of here, I want you to just put some crinkle paper filler. Now the reason why this is gonna go in first is `cause it's nice and sturdy and the whole package is up so they don't just sink down. And then I want you to put something a little more decorative on here. How about some pretty iridescent filler. That is gorgeous! And it will illuminate any color that you put in here for your wrapping. Now let's talk about those wrappings. Think about things like maybe newspaper with lacquer would be very, very modern. Or how about some fun scrapbooking paper? These are great for smaller boxes like these. Now, you could use checkbook boxes, little jewelry boxes, anything at all to wrap up. Whether you wanna put a gift inside or just use it as a beautiful display like this, these are fantastic. And let's talk about this for a minute. Now, you could certainly use the pink with a black ribbon to give it a beautiful holiday effect by just tying in some black holiday bows. That is wonderful. In fact, you could put that right on the gift if you wanted to. And also here, now these colors are not colors that you would traditionally see in Christmastime, but don't they look festive for the holidays? Just by adding some different decorations, you can turn those ordinary packages into something festive for any holiday at all. Green certainly becomes a beautiful sugar plum with a pretty white bow and of course, with these gorgeous ornaments. And when you're thinking about maybe a birthday party, just change up the colors and you've got the same thing. Now, what's great about this is it's also fabulous for say, Mother's Day, or to take with you along to someone's birthday party. 3 little gifts in here, and you can put the person's name right in front, and they have a cute little carrying case box after the event. So, from everyone here at, we want you to have a happy, a healthy, and a fun holiday, and a great New Year.