of Roses

Rectangle of Roses

Turn roses, greenery, and a floral foam-filled container into a work of art for your table. Watch the video for easy-to-follow instructions.

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Everything is coming up roses this holiday season. I have a great bouquet. This is roses in a rectangle. It is gonna look fabulous on any table that you have in your home. Now, is it real or is it artificial is the question. Hi, I'm Sandra Lee, and this project is luckily split whether you're at the grocery store picking up roses or the craft store and you want something that's silk, this is the perfect project for you. Now to start off, all you're gonna need is a beautiful rectangular container. And then in here, what you're gonna do is cut some floral foam to size. You're gonna need 2 of those next to each other. And then, what I want you to do before you put in the roses, I want you to put in some beautiful seater just to create an out skirt for your roses. Then very slowly pour water over the floral foam and into the dish, making sure that you completely saturate the floral foam so it stays nice and wet. Now let's talk about our roses. When you're in the grocery store, why don't you pick up maybe a dozen or 2. This requires 2 dozen roses, and I wanna give you some little tips when you're shopping for those. Now when you're shopping for your rose, I want you to make sure that they're nice and tight in here. If they're too soft, they're going to go very quickly, so you don't wanna buy those. And I want you to snip this at a diagonal angle, oh, about an inch and a half, maybe 2 down, just like this. Also, come around here and make sure that some of these petals that maybe have a little bit of discoloration on them, or they're marred in any way. Those need to come right off, just like this. Do not be afraid of them. The rest of those are great. Now this, if you wanna open it up, feel free to come in here and give it a little help with your fingers gently, and it's gonna go right into the floral foam. And as these bloom, they're gonna get nice and big and full and beautiful. This is a great tabletop display when you're entertaining so guests can see each other easily. Also, think about this for every holiday because you can just change up the color of the flowers. Super simple, maybe put some baby's breath around here if it's an anniversary or even a birthday. That would be great. If you'd like to create a centerpiece that maybe you don't have to give any attention to it at all, it just stays perfect throughout the whole entire season, that's easy too. In the craft store are artificial flowers and also freeze-dried flowers. You can pick those up for next to nothing and create a beautiful display that will last forever. You can even use maybe some fresh greenery around, and then your silts or your freeze dried in the center here. But look at this, they look almost exactly the same so you're not gonna lose any of that beautiful dramatic punch. Everyone here at wants to wish you a very happy and healthy, beautiful holiday season.