Old Ornaments

Redo Old Ornaments

Learn how to use shimmering tiny seed beads to give old ornaments a much-needed facelift. Watch these easy techniques for the best results.

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Breathing new life into old ornament is something that you can take all the credit for and not only does it make it glamorous, but it makes it nice and shimmery on your tree or in a beautiful display bowl. I'm Sandra Lee, and I've got a fabulous project for you today. If you've got old scuffed up, yucky, old ornaments; do not throw them away, because this is a great project that is simple and fast, and best of all, inexpensive. One of the things I love working with is Mod Podge, and this is great for this project. What I want you to do is just go ahead and put some of this onto a paper plate so that you can get to it easily. That is a great amount. Now, there's a couple of things I wanna show you before I start here. This is an old yucky ornament. I want you to notice that this is scuffed up. Part of the scuffing just came over time, but part of the scuffing came from ultrafine sand paper, which is what you have to do to make Mod Podge stick to a shiny ornament. This is what we're gonna create. Pretty beautiful, don't you think? And it's simple to do. Now, while I was in the craft store getting the Mod Podge, I saw these beautiful little beads, and everybody knows that I love the monochromatic look, but you need to give it a little bit of punch and pizzazz. So, I grabbed the package of multicolored beads to give it those beautiful jewel tones, and I thought about maybe a teaspoon in here or tablespoon, I should say, and mix it around, and that is really gonna make my colors pop. Now, I've already started a beautiful blue ornament here, and one of the tricks with doing this project is once you get one side done, like this, you need to let it dry completely before you finish the other side. Now, I'm just gonna take a sponge and my Mod Podge and put that over the ornament. This has already been scuffed up just enough to hold the Mod Podge. Make sure that you put this on nice and evenly, and you get all the open spaces, all the way up to your tip. Just like this. Now, what I wanna do is hold my ornament over my bowl of beads and just simply sprinkle those on and look at how quickly this comes together. Pretty fun. This is a great project for kids, and you know what? You get to take all the credit for a pretty fabulous ornament without spending a whole lot of money. This is gonna look fantastic on your tree. You know what? You can do these in any color at all. The important thing is the base color that you're working with. These are gonna be just glorious on my tree! I cannot wait to go hang them up! And everybody here at wishes you a very healthy, happy, and shimmery holiday season.