Use the simple shapes and bold colors of cranberries to create an extraordinary holiday centerpiece.

Bring bright colors in simple shapes to your table this season with this easy idea. Cranberries aren't just for sauce this time of year. They can actually be a great way to decorate. And balls like these can be very expensive if you go to buy them, but I can show you how to make them yourself. So you start out with some Styrofoam balls, I've got a little one here. I've also got some bigger ones. You know, mix and match the sizes. And then you're going to cut some toothpicks in half, like this. I've got a whole bowl of them here, and you're just gonna stick your toothpick right in your Styrofoam until you've got about an inch sticking out. And then you're going to just kinda spear your cranberries through the stem, like that. You wanna try to fill up as much of the Styrofoam surface as possible with the cranberries. You don't wanna see too much of the white poking through, like that. So you can see that it takes a little bit of time and it takes a little patience, but the results are totally worth it. And this is a great project to do with the whole family because you can have the kids passing you the cranberries while you spear them on. It's just a lot of fun. So once you've got your entire ball completely covered with cranberries, you'll have something like this, and you can just put this right on top of a pillar candle holder. And you will mix and match your candle holders do some tall ones, some shorter ones. Mix and match finishes, it will give you a really elegant look. And then to finish it off, I'm just gonna sprinkle some more cranberries here at the bottom of my tray, and maybe put some in here with the votive candle. And this is a really elegant look that is super easy to put together.