Button Wreaths

No sewing needed for this cute and quick button wreath that can be tailored to fit your décor perfectly.

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Get crafty this season and whip up some of these adorable little button rings. I love crafts like this that use materials that I had on hand. I had a bunch of buttons so I came up with this project. So, what you need to start is you need a circle that you're gonna cut out of any type of card board or card stock. So, I've got one right here, and then you're just gonna start gluing on your buttons. So with your trusty hot glue gun, you're just gonna hot glue your buttons right on to your card stock wreath. And buttons are such a great raw material because you can do so many things with them. So, whenever I see a sale on buttons at a craft store, if it's a good price, I'll pick `em up because I know, eventually, I'll be able to do something cool with them. So, once you've got your first layer of buttons down, then you can start adding more and more layers to give it a real multidimensional look. So you're just gonna kinda keep building it and layering on your buttons until you have a look somewhat like this, and you can see on the back here, I actually glued some larger buttons to it, and this was to make sure that the weight was balanced on it, but then, it also gives it a really cool 3 dimensional look, having those buttons popping out of the back, but I'm gonna add a little red to this to kinda make it a little bit more festive. So I've got some red buttons here, and I'm just gonna put this right on my wreath like that. You know, it's just a little button bling. Who could resist? Okay. That seems pretty good. So I've got this one pretty much done, and I just wanted to show you this one because this one was a monochromatic one that I did, and it's great because you can really play with the shapes of them. I've got some stars in here, some hearts. So when you're doing monochromatic, you can have fun with it. And then with just a little bit of ribbon, you can hang this just about anywhere. You can hang it on a door knob, you can hang it from the back of a chair, you can hang it in the window. This project is cute as a button.