Light Bright

What a bright idea! Recycle old Christmas lights into a uniquely ‘green’ holiday centerpiece.

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Looking for a greener way to decorate? Try these light bulb balls. There are clever ways to reuse and recycle. So, if you are looking for a greener way to decorate this holiday, why not recycle some light bulbs by making these very cool light bulb balls. So, what you need to do is you start out with light bulbs like these. These are C7 bulbs. You may have a strand of these that are kind of broken and at the bottom of your stuff for the holiday decorating. If you don't, just go online, you can buy them just about anywhere. So, what you're gonna do is start out with a nice Styrofoam ball. I've got a bunch in different sizes here. For instance, I'm using my red bulbs here. So, I spray painted my bulb just with whatever spray paint you may have and red so that the white don't kinda peak out under the bulbs. So, with your screwdriver you're just gonna kinda hollow out a hole for your light bulb and then you're going to screw your light bulb into the hole. Like that. So now, I'm gonna do another one maybe right next to it. Let's see. You can kind of put them next to each other to see how far you can go. So, that's about right and then just press in to it with the base of the bulb and that will give you kinda your pilot hole. Just hollow out a little spot for it. Like that and you could do these all one color like I'm doing a red one here or if you have you know multicolored bulbs, you can just make it a multicolor bulb. Just have fun with it. Okay. So, you can see I've got 3 on here but I've actually got some that I'm pretty much finished and I left the base of it just empty and that was because I plan to put these in a little arrangement on a tray together, and I found that they sit up a little bit better if they don't have bulbs on the bottom, but if you were gonna hang these, lets say they would make really great window decorations. You can put the bulbs all the way around, and then to cover up the fact that I've got little Styrofoam box on these, I just filled up my tray with ornaments that I'm just not using and kind of stack them around like this to cover up the Styrofoam balls. So nobody knows your little secret and this is a beautiful and eco-friendly way to light up your holiday.