Leafy Luminaria

Learn the secret to these gently glowing luminaria, and light up your holidays with beautiful natural elements.

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Light up your holiday season with these icy luminaria. It's such a super, simple technique, but it allows you to creat lots of cool looks. What you need to start is you need a used soda or pop container, like these, right here, a 1 liter or 2 liter. I love ideas like this that reuse and repurpose, and recycle. I'm so down with recycling. So, I'm going to grab a flower from our poinsettia plant here. And I'm just gonna cut it basically right below, let's see, maybe 5 or 6 stems, about there. And then, you're just gonna sear the base just like that. And that'll just kind of close the pores so that you don't have the sap coming out into the water, which will keep you water nice and crystal clear. And then, I'm gonna grab it here by its stem and just sort of push it into your container, like that; very carefully and kind of unfurl the leaves against the sidewalls. It's really important that you use a container that has nice straight walls so that you can unfurl the leaves nice and flat against the sides. So, I'm just gonna fill it up with the distilled water about half of the way up. And then, I'm just going to use a plastic cup. Okay. Then you'll fill it with rocks that you may have outside in your yard. And there you go. Now, this is ready to stick into the freezer. So, I've got one that I've already completed and then actually took out of the liter container that it was in. So, now you just pop a little votive candle in there, like that. And you can see just how pretty it is when the lights coming through the ice. And now, for another idea using the same technique, I'm gonna use a 2-liter container now instead of the 1 liter, and I'm gonna fill it up with some distilled water again. The distilled water is actually gonna freeze nice and clear. And now, I am just going to throw in some frozen cranberries. If you don't have frozen, you can use fresh, whatever you've got. And I'm just gonna push `em right against this sidewalls of the inside of the container. Kinda like that. What's great about the cranberries is that they float, so they sit right on the top, just where you need `em. Perfect! So I've got my ring created. And now, I'm just gonna use again the plastic cup and just put right in there. And weigh it down with some rocks like this. That's pretty good. And now, I'm gonna stick this in the freezer, and once this first layer freezes, I'm gonna add more distilled water and another layer of cranberries so you can kind of keep building it up and make it as tall as you need to. And I happened to have one right here, so you can see what this looks like with 2 layers, so cool. So, you get again you put your votive candle in there and light it up. This is such a great and simple way to add a lot of drama to your holiday.