Peanut-Butter Snowmen

Let your kids turn store-bought cookies into adorable snowmen with gumdrops, chocolate candy, and frosting.

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Frosty's got nothing on these easy peanut butter snowmen that are designed to get the kids in on the fun. Do you recognize these? These are those delicious little peanut butter sandwich cookies you can get at any grocery store. So this is a great project for kids because they don't have to bake, they don't have to cut, nothing. Super easy. So to start, I've made up a simple little frosting here. It's just powdered sugar, milk, and a little bit of vanilla extract. And what's great about this frosting it that it's nice and thin and it dries really quickly. So you know how kids can be so impatient, this is perfect for them. So I'm just gonna get one of my peanut butter cookies and I'm just gonna dip it in like that. Just make sure that the side is really well coated. And then I've got a drying rack here that's perfect for any extra drippage, little bit of wax paper underneath to catch everything. No snowman is complete without a little hat, right? And I've got such a cute idea for a hat. What you're gonna do is, you're just gonna set up a little area where you've sprinkled some granulated sugar and get out some of these nice chunky gumdrops and just have the kids crush down the gumdrops like this with the palm of their hand. They're gonna love doing this. And just kinda flip it over, and the granulated sugar just kinda helps so it doesn't stick down quite as much. Once I've got it pretty flat, I'm actually just gonna kinda sculpt it into the cone of a hat like this, and then lift up the brim like that. And then I'm gonna get some royal icing just to stick my hat onto my snowman. So I'm just gonna put it a bit over here along the top. And then I'm gonna stick my hat on like that. As you can see it looks like a little hat, like a nice brimmed little top hat like that. So now, our snowman needs some features like eyes, nose, maybe buttons on his jacket. And if your frosting is still wet, you can stick these features right into the frosting. But if you've let it dry, you're probably gonna need some of your piped royal icing to stick everything on. So I've got some candy coated chocolates here and I've also got some mini tiny chocolate chips. So I'm going to maybe make some chocolate chip eyes. Stick one there and there. And let's see a little nose. We'll make him have a blue nose, maybe his nose is cold being out in the snow, and then some little buttons on his jacket, maybe I'll use the chocolate chips for buttons. And this is where kids can have fun and get creative and do, you know, whatever they like. This is such as simple dress-up to a store-bought cookie. That you and the kids can dress up in no time.