Gingerbread Men

Kids can transform plain gingerbread cookies into colorful characters with these sweet decorating ideas.

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Don't have time to bake? Well, get to the fun of decorating with these easy gingerbread ideas. Nothing says the holiday is like a gingerbread man. And I've got some really easy ideas that are age-appropriate, so you can get all the kids in on the fun. To start, you're gonna get some of the little gingerbread man cookies, like this. If you can't find them pre-packaged, why not ask your bakery to see if they can make you a batch? And leave them undecorated. So, for the little kids, what you're gonna wanna do is get a little piping bag like this with royal icing, and then have some little candy-coated chocolates maybe even some of this little red spicy ones. And you're just gonna have the kids make, you know, go crazy with the making of their faces. They can make 2 little eyes, 1 nose, a mouth. They could even make hair. And then to stick on our little buttons, let's say, we're just gonna do buttons right down its chest, kind of like a traditional gingerbread man. You just stick on a little bit of frosting like that, all the way down the middle. And then you're gonna stick on some of your little candy-coated chocolates, like that. Let's do all orange all the way up, maybe like that. And they can do hair, and they could even do little arms if they wanted to. And since the older kids can probably handle a piping bag, you can have them maybe make a little outfit like this, stick on the face. And then, they can push the candies in to maybe create some suspenders, just by pushing their little candies right into the frosting, like that. And you could use all the same candies or you could give them assortment to play with so that they can get really creative. Maybe I'll put some feet on him. This is such a great twist on a traditional gingerbread man.