Candy-Cane Sleds

Kids will get a kick out of making these super-cute sleds from cookies and miniature candy canes.

Thu, 5 Aug 2010|

Cute and clever. This little sled is easy enough for anyone to make. I love this cookie, because it uses all store-bought ingredients. You start out with a nice little rectangular cookie like this. Just use any cookie that you can find that's in this shape, and then, I've got some vanilla frosting here. Again, store bought, super easy, and I'm just gonna spread on some vanilla frosting. You're gonna spread it on to the top of your cookie, but you're also gonna wanna spread it on to the sides like that. So now, that I've got them frosted, I'm gonna use these little candy canes as my runners for my sled. So, I just stick one on like that, and the other one like this. So, how `bout sprinkling some edible glitter on them, so it looks like newly fallen snow? So I'm just gonna sprinkle `em like that. Go. These would make such a cute addition to any kid's table, and what you could do is you could get out your little piping bag with some icing, and actually put each kid's initial or a name on each little sled, so everybody has their own dessert after dinner's over. So let's see. I'll put a little T her for Tommy. So T. So these are great as place cards, but you can also use them as favors, if they last `til the end of the night.