Marshmallow Lollipops

Your kids will love making these easy no-bake marshmallow lollipops for Christmas (or anytime!)

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Turn plain marshmallows into something special with these 3 easy ideas. Even the littlest kids can pull off this project. They will have a blast making these marshmallow lollipops. It's all about the dips and the sprinkles. So to start, I've got my chocolate dip here, this is just melted chocolate, some white chocolate that's also melted, and some caramel topping. So I'm gonna take a pretzel and stick it right into a marshmallow. You wanna make sure you stick it firmly in there so it doesn't drop off when you go to dip it. So that seems pretty good. And you wanna make sure that your dips are also not super hot 'cause that'll actually melt the marshmallow if they're too hot. So I'm gonna just kinda dip it in there about halfway I'd say. And then I'm just gonna twirl it to get off all the excess 'cause you want enough topping on there so that your sprinkles will actually stick, but you don't want so much that it's super globby. That seems pretty good. And so, then I'm just gonna take some of these crushed peppermints and just kinda sprinkle them on. So now for the white chocolate, I'm gonna do the same thing and dip it in my white chocolate. And then I'm just gonna put some red and green sprinkles on it like that. These are so cute, they have little Christmas trees on them. That's pretty good. And we've one to set up. And then I'll do one that's got a little caramel topping, but I'm gonna top this one with some nuts and some coconut 'cause that goes great with caramel squished against the side like that. And then take your nuts and coconut and just sprinkle it on around the outside like that. This is super easy and fun. I guarantee you your kids will wanna make a whole batch.