a Mum Bow

Make a Mum Bow

It's easier than it looks! Circle, cut, and fluff your way to this unique bow.

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To make a fun and festive bow, try this. All it takes is some wide ribbon, a few cuts, and some fluffing to create this pretty bow. Now I'm using this wire edge sheer ribbon that I've found at my local craft store, and I'd really like to use the wire rimmed ribbon because it just holds its shape so much better, and if you can find non-fraying ribbon, that helps too because you're gonna be making some cuts. Alright, so, to start, you're just going to form a circle with your ribbon, and I'm gonna let it hang down probably about 4 inches, I'd say, and then all you're gonna do is just keep wrapping it around your hand, like this. I am going to have it go, I think I'm gonna do about 9 loops, and really, the fuller the bow the more the loops. Now you just want to flatten the loops on the table here. Line them up. And a handy-dandy trick I have for you is to actually use an old paperclip. And that kinda freeze up your hands to be able to make your bow. So just fasten it on the side just to hold your layers in place like that. You're gonna make some notches on the end of your ribbon. What you'll do is find a sharp pair of scissors, and you'll just make a diagonal cut right on the end like that. And you'll just do all the 4 corners of your ribbon. You can take off your paperclip, and then what you're gonna do is you're gonna match your notches that you just created, and center those up like this. There! Alright. Just take your thin floral wire and wrap it around your notch, like this. And just give it a few turns and twist to secure the wire, and then trim off any excess. Alright. Now, some people like to make their cuts on the loops at this point, but I find that it works easier to do my cuts at the end. So what you'll do is you'll just take the innermost loop, and pull it out. Give it a little tug and a twist to reveal your loop. You're just going to alternate between pulling out your innermost ribbon, giving a tug and a twist. Now, I'd like to actually hang on to my bow using my tails. That keeps it in place. My loops on that half, and then just come over to the other side. Now this ribbon I'm using isn't really side specific, so you don't need to bother with that as you're working with this ribbon, but if you had a ribbon that had a pattern on just 1 side, you need to keep that in mind as you're revealing, pulling, and twisting it into shape. Now is when I'm gonna make the cuts, and I'm just gonna make just 2 cuts on this wide ribbon, which will make it into a frilly bow. Alright. And be careful not to go too far into the center of your ribbon; otherwise, you will end up with a big frayed mess. Just find each of your loops, and make a couple snips. Now I think I've found all my loops. Yes, I have. Alright. And now, find your tails again, and then just do some final prepping and fluffing with your bow. And so there, you have a frilly bow. Now I've completed 1 over here and I'm sending a batch of homemade cookies to some friends, and I found this cute little [unk] and then I just popped my bow right on top, and I added a nice little gift tag to really personalize my gift. You know, making quick and elegant bows like this just made gift giving a lot easier.