Cool Cranberries

Break out of the mold and cast cranberries in a new role this season, as a wreath that’s the star of your holiday décor.

Want a cool way to use cranberries this season? Well, if you've got space in your freezer, I can show you how to make 1 of these great cranberry wreathes. Come inside and I'll show you how I did it. To get started, find a pretty, fluted cake mold like this 1 or something like this will work just fine too. And what you're gonna do is you're going to fill this up with water. I'm using distilled water, which is very, very -- all the way at the bottom. Just like that. Let's see also a few more. Perfect. Now you just stick this in the freezer and you're pretty much done. And you can see when you pop them out of the molds, this is kind of the results that you're gonna get. This is if you got a real fluted mold and this is if you've got more a simple pattern. Both of them are just so beautiful. And now we need to figure out a way to hang this, so why not use a little bit of ribbon, or if you happen to have a holiday scarf that you wanna use, you can use that to you. So I'm just gonna tie it like that, and maybe double knot it, and I'm gonna stick a little frig of evergreen in hereto make it super festive. And you really can't find an icier way to warm your guest's heart this holiday.