Cane Wreath

Candy Cane Wreath

Save yourself some calories and use your candy canes to make this sweet holiday wreath.

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use a hot glue gun and actually stick your candy canes onto the foam wreath. So for the first layer, I'm gonna break some of them into pieces so I'd get good coverage. So, a little bit of glue on the back of this guy. Stick it right there and some on here. This is a great project to get the kids on `cause they can be unwrapping the candy canes while you're gluing them on. So you're gonna do a first layer like this and coat your entire form and then you're probably gonna do 2 layers of candy canes on top of it. And for the top 2 layers, you wanna leave your candy canes whole so you get that, the shape of the candy cane. So once you've got your entire wreath covered with all your candy canes, you need to add a little finish coat to seal it. And for this, I used a spray polyurethane. And this helps so that the candy canes don't get real sticky to the touch, but also the colors will run if it gets a little humid. So once you've sprayed your polyurethane on for a little finishing touch, I'm adding some little Christmas ornaments. Use the little red balls here. With a little hot glue, I'm just gonna put some on the back and then stick it right on to my wreath, like that. And no wreath is complete without a bow, and I've got a great little recipe here for a very, very cool bow. And so you need 3 different lengths of ribbon like this for each of our 3 little loops on our bow, a small, medium, and a large one. So what I did to create this ribbon is I just used a glue stick and attached a thinner ribbon on to the thicker ribbon so it adds a little bit of dimension and some holiday pizzazz. So I'll just stick this on like that. So I've got my 3 loops done. So now I'm gonna stack them on top of each other. Smallest to largest, like this, and you just wanna make sure that your seam side is down, and you kinda wanna center it in the middle too. And now for the center of my bow, I've got a little bit smaller of the piece of ribbon that I'm just gonna loop around the center of my bow like that. And I just wanna loop it nice and tight so it keeps the ribbon in there snuggly. And I'm gonna add a little bit of glue there. And loop it around like that. And now, we've got a perfect little bow! So then we stick our bow, I've got a finished one right here, right on to our finished wreath. And there we are. This is one sweet wreath for the holidays.