How to Make Bows for a Christmas Wreath

Easy instructions for four fabulous bows let you put a personal touch on all your packages.

-Put a personal touch on your wreaths and packages with one of these pretty bows you can make yourself. Making your own bows is fun, creative and really easy on the budget. First off, the Poinsettia Bow. Start with some wire-edged ribbon that is firm, sturdy and is about 1 inches in width. Then, take this ribbon and tie it in a loose knot. Nothing fancy, just like that. I have some more ribbon- the same kind, and I just circled it on top of itself about 9 loops more or less depending on how big you want your bow to be. Then, take your scissors and snip off the edges. Pre-fold your bow to get a little bit of floral wiring and bring together the center of the bow to open that up, slicing right down the middle. Make a point in the center. Go ahead and turn your petals in a counter-clockwise direction. Now, that you've got all your petals flushed out, go ahead and take that knot that we made earlier. Place it in the center, give it a tie in the back. And you have a beautiful Poinsettia Bow ready for any package. Next off is your Basic Floral Bow. Start with some ribbon that's wired-edged and at least 1-inch in width. Then, make figure-8 loops as you go pinching the ribbon in the middle. Once you've got that done, take a little bit of floral wiring and wrap it real tight around the center of your bow. Gradually fluff your bow as you go. And there you go- a beautiful, festive floral bow for the holiday. The Two-tone Bow is a classic for the neat and polished look. I'm using 2 different colors of green. Start with 1 piece of ribbon, and another one that's just slightly thinner. With your thicker ribbon, bring the ends together and take a little bit of hot glue and then press down, and hold it there so it's nice and secure. Then take your thinner strip of ribbon, and bring those ends together as well. Put a little more hot glue, press down with the other end. I have a third strip of ribbon. It's actually the same ribbon I used for my thinner strip. Center it, flip it over. I'm going to tie it nice and loose so it doesn't gather the bow too tight. And there you go- the Two-tone bow. The final bow is a Flat-layered bow. Start by cutting a piece of ribbon that's as long as you want your tail to be. Make a loose knot in the center. Go ahead and set that aside. We'll use it a little bit later. I have 3 lengths of ribbon cut, each one gradually getting shorter. Start with the longest ribbon take a little bit of glue, apply it to one end and put the other end on top. Take the next ribbon, and repeat with the same steps, and to the shortest length. On each ribbon, go ahead and put a little dollop of glue. And stack on 1 ribbon, and another dollop of glue, and the final ribbon. And take the ribbon that we've already cut, center the knot, flip your bow around and make another knot in the back. And you have your finished Flat-layered bow. There you go. 4 bows that are anything but basic.