Holiday Centerpiece

Easy Holiday Centerpiece

Holiday decorations can be just as easy as planting a few miniature conifers in a favorite container.

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-When it comes to holiday decorating, Better Homes and Gardens Interior Designer Joe Bomb shows us it can be just as easy as 1, 2, 3. A silver punch bowl planted with traditional evergreens and accented with jewel tones glass ornament makes a gorgeous centerpiece for a dining table or a focal point for a living space and creating this beautiful decor is simple. Joe first protects the antique punch bowl by lining it with a piece of plastic then he places pieces of floral foam in the bowl. Next, simply plant 3 miniature trees among the pieces of floral foam, burying the height of the trees by setting them atop pieces of foam. Give the plantings a finished look by tucking them to plastic and topping the [unk] with pieces of moss. Finally, add a little sparkle with a few glass ornaments anchored by floral pics in the arrangement. Your holiday decor can be just that easy, for Better Homes and Gardens, I'm Lacy Howard.