Holiday Garden

The Holiday Garden

When it comes to decorating for Christmas, don't forget the garden.

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-When it comes to holiday decor landscape designer and Better Homes and Gardens contributor John [unk] says don't forget the garden. John brought the holidays to life in the courtyard of Washington DC's Blair House. First, I asked John about his inspiration for this project. -You wanna bring the indoors outside. -Right. -Because in the winter you're inside more and that's where you're gonna spend your time. So we were talking about what we're gonna use, what Better Homes and Gardens was using inside and when they mentioned, you know, the beautiful mercury balls and that was, that's what we'll do, we're gonna take that shape right outside and so you can see it and pull it straight out. -Then I asked him about the circular shape and metallic color. How did they bring it from inside to out? -We wanted to go with the beautiful spear shape but we got something a little bit more substantial that can, that we, you can reuse every year and can take the weather. You know, these are just stainless steel and. -And they'll hold up year after year. -Year after year and I love them, I use in garden year round. -Nice. -IF you have a water feature, I like to float them in the garden, if you have a path that's gonna lead you along the path. -Nice. -Take you somewhere. -I asked John about the natural elements he brought to the courtyard. -We use southern magnolia and then winter berry and just kept on repeating that and then we did a garland out of just common American box wood. -Nice. -Box wood is good. -It'll hold up for a while as well throughout the season. -It'll hold up for as long as it's moist. -Tell me your must-haves for every garden. -Couple of things, I think every garden need water, the sound of water and you need movement and these add that little bit when it's windy, it's gorgeous. We put spotlights on them so they look like snow. -Beautiful. Here at Blair House John [unk] brought all his favorite element into the holiday garden, the sound of water movement and sparkle. Greenery accented with red berries alongside metallic spears that move and shine make this outdoor space one to behold. For Better Homes and Gardens, I'm Lacy Howard.