Protecting Furnishings

Be sure you take these simple measures to protect your home from holiday décor mishaps.

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-Whether your home is filled with priceless antiques like the Blair House here in Washington DC or your furnishings just hold irreplaceable memories it's so important to protect your home from your holiday decor. I'll show you how. Sap from greenery scratches from wire used to both reeds and garlands and water spots from table toppers are just a few of the damages your home may suffer post-holiday but these simple solutions will keep your home and furnishings protected. On horizontal surfaces such as table tops use inexpensive pieces of cut glass to keep scratches and water stains at bay. On mantles wrap the surface with plastic wrap before you adorn it with a garland. In the fireplace lay a trash bag in the firebox before laying a bed of greenery. Before hanging greens on doors, in windows or against walls cut a piece of felt and attach it to the wire [unk] form with glue. The felt will keep the wire from scratching glass, wood and paint as well as provide a buffer between the greenery and painted surfaces. To protect floors as well as other surface, use stick on felt rounds similar to those used on the feet of furniture. Adhere the felt pieces to the bottoms of trays, decorative planters and bowls. Take these simple steps to protect your home and you won't spend the New Year cleaning up after your holiday decor. For Better Homes and Gardens, I'm Lacy Howard.