Urn for Christmas

Natural Urn for Christmas

Really go green this holiday with a living urn that will thrive season after season.

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-Planting a tree is a great gift to the environment, and you get a gift too- a beautiful decorative urn for the holidays. Because trees are living and you want them to stay that way, make sure they pot or container you're using is at least 18-inches wide and has 2 holes on the bottom for drainage. You can ask your nursery for trees that are appropriate for your area. I'm using Alberta Spruce because it's nice and dense, and it's really hardy too. Add some good quality potting soil in there and the tree should be just fine. Go ahead and cover that potting soil with some pine cones, giving a nice, even layer throughout the urn. If you want to add lights to your tree, this will be a prefect time to do it. I'm also going to add a few acorns in there. It adds a nice, natural touch. I'm going to add some boxwood into my tree, just tucking it in wherever I think it looks good. Boxwoods are great element for this tree because as boxwood dries, it turns a beautiful shade of green. And as you can see, it really differentiates it and gives the tree some wonderful depth. And a few more pieces would be great. A great tip when working with fresh greens is to give them a coat of floral preservative, or hairspray if you don't have any floral preservative on hand. It really helps to give the greens a nice feel and preserve them longer. I like to use these pine cones as the anchor for my design that I can cluster the other elements around. I have some lemon leaves and I've stripped the bottoms, just leaving a few leaves at the top. I'm gonna work them in right around my pine cones, tucking them in. It's a really great tip to use the larger elements first followed by the smaller elements like some of the grasses. Then, I have a few stems of grasses. As you can see by adding in the grasses, it makes a little cluster. Once again, I'm working around the pine cone adding in my natural elements. It's a great way to know where to add the rest of your elements. You want the look to be really natural, so just keep tucking greens until your happy. I love this project because it comes together so quickly. Ribbon loops add a really bright pop of color to your tree. Start by cutting a piece of ribbon, about 5 to 7 inches long. Then gather the ends together, cinch in tight, take one of these floral picks and it already has a little bit of wire attached to it. Bring the ends together and wrap the wire around the pick working down towards your hand. That's all there is to it. Let's go add it to our tree. All the natural elements really come together beautifully. Scatter the loops throughout the tree, filling in any hole as you may have. This is a really great way to add some balance to your design. The great thing about this urn, you can keep decorating and redecorating it, mixing it up as you go or leaving it natural. Season after season, this really is the gift that keeps on giving.