Urn with Fruit

Christmas Urn with Fruit

Pick this easy urn idea to showcase the season’s prettiest fresh fruits and greenery.

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-The combination of apples and greenery in this urn make it a beautiful addition to your outdoor decorating. Start by propping your urn with a pretty bow. I've got a length of ribbon and make sure it's a good length of ribbon, nice and long because it's going to have to go around the urn a couple of times and grab it at the center. Start at the front of the urn. Bring it to the back and twist around and being it back to center. Then all you need is a simple shoelace bow, we've all tied our shoelaces before so make one bow. Make it a little bit bigger and then a second shoelace bow with the tail and pull back tight this one's slightly smaller. All that's left is take one at the end and bring it behind the bow, pull it through and then go right to that center loop so you have a nice finish on this bow. One more step, trim the hands with the scissors and cut in a diagonal so that you'll have a nice pretty end. I fill my urn with rubber mulch which I love because it's made from recycled materials and it's reusable which mean's it's really earth friendly. Another benefit, if you need to move your urn that's really light. This urn is all about the layers, start by perping your urn with a layer of fresh greens. I've got various different sizes of greens and I'm going to work my way around the edge, layering as I go. If you wanna stick a couple of pieces into the mulch you can do that as well for a little bit of extra security. Work these greens around in a circular pattern, leaving a little bit over the edge. Now we're ready for the next layer which is a purchased twiggery. Set it right on top of the greens, I've measured my urn ahead of time so my twigerries is proportional to the size of my urn. Next stop is the centerpiece of the urn. I have a tall base, a candle and some cranberries. I've used the tall vases proportionate to the size of my urn so I'm gonna need a little bit of a taller candle as well. Take your candle and center it. If you don't have a candle that's tall enough feel free to use a candle like this to set your candle on top of it. Then I have cranberry and I'm gonna pour them into the vase. Make sure you have plenty of cranberries on hand. Each vase will take about 2 bags of cranberries so if you're making 2 urns make sure you have plenty on hand. We're ready to add our centerpiece to our urn. Go ahead and take it over and nestle it on top of the twiggeries and the greens and make sure it's nice and secure. The cranberries and the candle should give it plenty of weight so it doesn't go anywhere. The final layer some beautiful green apples. Just nestle these apples on top of the twiggery working your way around the urn. A beautiful bright green color compliments the greenery that's already in there. As you add your apples it will give a little more weight to your urn and secure the greenery and twigs that are already there. A fresh and fruity urn that's a beautiful addition to your outdoor decorating.