Decorating with Garland

Tis the season to get out the garland! Learn to wrap and swag without marring or scratching.

-Love the look that garland gives but worried about how to hang it? I've got some tips that make it super simple. There are a couple of places garland gets used a lot- banisters and mantels. A simple swag like this is classic, pretty and easy to do. I have it anchored on either end with a hurricane. But just to make sure it's really secure I added an easy-release hook to the top of the mantel. I wrapped a little wire around the garland and hooked it on there, just to make sure nothing comes crashing down. So how much garland do you get? For this look, measure the length of the mantel, the distance of the drop on either side and add a little extra for your swag. If you want a deep swag or multiple swag, add a little more. A shallow swag, a little less. If you want multiple swags, you don't have to worry about pounding any nails or hooks into your mantel. Just use one of these easy-release hooks, then cover it with an extra piece of greenery or a pretty bow. If, you're not interested in attaching anything to your mantel, simply drape the garland across the top and let it drop down either side of the fireplace. Very simple, very classic. Another hot spot for garland- the banister. To attach the garland to the banister, you're going to need a way to do so without scratching or marring the surface. Zip ties are a great option for this. Just make sure that they're long enough to go around both the garland and the banister. Since my garland is a little bit thicker, I'm using 14-inch zip ties. Here's how to know how much garland you need. A good place to start is 1 times the length for the banister, plus room for drop. If you want a lot of swags or you're making them deep and dramatic go ahead and add some extra footage. Another popular way to display garland is wrapping. And I recommend 2 times the length of the banister. Here's one last great garland tip. If you love the smell of fresh greens but prefer to use artificial garland, go ahead. Then get that wonderful holiday aroma by adding in a few sprigs of fresh greenery. So measure before you buy and you'll be ready to wrap and swag your way to a beautiful holiday look.