Urn with Ornaments

Christmas Urn with Ornaments

Pile up pretty ornaments to make an urn that stands out this season. Try new colors, shapes, and sizes, without busting your budget.

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-This urn is a great way to experiment with seasonal colors and shapes because you don't need a whole trees worth of ornament, you just need a few key pieces. Shatter-proof ornaments are a great option for this project but if you're not working with shatter-proof ornaments, you're going to need to glue the tops on with a little bit of E6000 glue. You don't want the tops falling off in these ornaments because we're going to be wiring them together a little bit later, and you want them to be glued on nice and tight. So get a little glue on just around the edge, put that top back on. Let the glue dry on these ornaments for at least an hour because we're going to wire the ornaments together, and you want the tops on nice and tight. It's important to work with a variety of colors, shapes, sizes and textures when you're picking your ornaments. You're gonna start with 1 larger ornament and 2 clusters of slightly smaller ornaments. So, I've got my 2 ornaments and a little bit or wiring. Go ahead and snip off that wire, and string your ornaments on right through the tops and through the second. When you're wiring them together, you can squeeze them together nice and loose and they'll bunch up a little bit, or you can squeeze them nice and tight and they'll lay a little flatter. So go ahead and play around with that, and get the look that suits you best. I've filled my urn about 2/3 of the way full with rubber mulch, leaving room for my ornament. I like to work with rubber mulch because it's made from recycled materials and it can be re-used. It's also really light in case you need to move your urn. Go ahead, and take a little bit of greenery. And insert it into the rubber mulch letting a little bit hang over the edge. It'll make a really beautiful bed for when you add your ornaments. Start with this big guy, and we'll put that right in the center. And then make a triangle with my ornament clusters. Next I have a piece of wiring that I've cut. I'm gonna string it into the top of this big guy and give it a twist, then I'm ready to start stringing on my other ornaments working with a variety of colors and shape. I'm going to string this ornament on, and don't string them on too tightly. You want the ornaments to sort of fall as you work, working in a circular motion. To finish this off, take a few of these little various breaks and stick them in. They'll hide any place that the wire might be showing, and give it a final little decorative touch. And now, we're done- almost. For a really cool final touch, I'm going to dangle some ornaments from my urn. Simply take a piece of ribbon, and tie it to an ornament. Then, attach the other end of the ribbon to a floral pick with a little piece of wire. And there you go. Make sure to vary the lengths of the ribbon and vary the sizes of the ornament. Take the floral pick, and insert it down in to the mulch. Make a matching pair to flank your door and with the matching wreath, it's a great way to ornament the outdoors.